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Hello! I'm Louisa, artist and designer. 


I live in London and work in the fine arts as an auction specialist. I am lucky to be surrounded by some of history's greatest artists on a daily basis. Around this, I do my own work (mainly painting) and am training in graphic design. 


I have a BA in Economics and Psychology, and an MA in Art History. This intersection of art and business led me to auctions. I am also trained in Set Design for Theatre, with experience in scenic painting and prop making. 

Most recently I've worked in watercolour, but also love to paint large murals. I'm not tied to a medium, and tend to use materials that suit the project. I like to explore how stories can come alive when illustrated or designed in space. ​

If you like what you see, get in touch. I am available for commissions and hope to soon have an online shop running. 

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